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Today's job market is more competitive than ever.  Hiring Managers are ONLY looking for the "right" mix of education and experience and if you fail to showcase your talents properly you could get overlooked, its just that simple!  Why leave if up to chance, when you can even the odds by getting expert help. Here's where Stepping Stone Recruiting comes in. 

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Today's job market is more competitive than ever. Employers are looking for the right mix of experience and education. If you don't showcase your talent correctly chances are you will not get a second chance for consideration. Don't leave it up to chance take action and get expert help from a team that knows how to get you chosen. Book a consultation today

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Interviewing Tips

How to interview to get the job


Now that you got the appointment to come in for the interview, now its time to "win" the interview.  Here are some tips that you should do during every interview:

1. Bring a copy of your resume, even if you know the company already has a copy .  Offer an updated copy or additional information to showcase your talents that are specific to the job you are interviewing for

2. When answering interview questions, make sure that your answers are specific and not too wordy. Your answers should be directly related to the questions that you are asked. 

3. When given a senerio to respond to make sure that you frame your answers in 3 parts; the situation, the action you took and results 

4. When asking questions, try to ask about a specific problem that the company is experiencing and offer a solution

5. At the end of the interview, always recap the talents that you have that directly relate to the job description and how much value your skills will bring to the position and the organization

5 Tips for a phone interview

When a hiring manager or a recruiter calls, make sure that you master the conversation:

1. Make sure before you start to offer information, that you fully understand what the scope of work is for the position

2. Try to keep your talk track about recent expereince that relates to the job opening

3. Smile and use a friendly tone to ensure that you are the best candidate for an in-person interview

4. If salary requirements are mentioned be clear but open to negotiation

5. Be prepared to set up an in-person interview with dates and times of your availibility

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